EZ Airtime  


There are a number of other features that you may find useful. These are listed below.


You can set your own password by following these instructions. Send the word Pass followed by a password of your choice to 083 230 1111. Once set you will be able to access some of the following useful functionality.

PASS password

Your password will be confirmed. Once set you will only be allowed to use the TOLL FREE numbers 10 times, and then a recharge voucher will have to be ordered by sending an Airtime request via SMS, with your password. Once delivered, the FREE CALL numbers can be used again.


The LINK command allows you to LINK a family member's phone number to your Airtime account so they can sell Airtime for you as well. This allows the deposit size to be bigger so you get the higher commissions. Linked numbers use the same password. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. The command sequence to LINK a phone number is:

LINK 0821234567 password


This allows you to remove a phone number you linked earlier. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. The command sequence is:

UNLINK 0821234567 password


The LOCK command allows you to put a hold on your Airtime account from your cell phone or from any linked cell phone. You would use it if your phone was lost or stolen. Once locked it prevents anyone from accessing any unused Airtime in your account. It can be unlocked later from any linked cell phone. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. The command sequence to LOCK activity on your account is:

LOCK password


UNLOCK cancels the lock command and again provides access to your Airtime. The instruction can be sent from any linked number. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. The command sequence to unlock your account is:

UNLOCK password


Once you have registered, you will receive an SMS confirming the address of your personal EZ Airtime Web page. This address is a unique Web page for your own use. By including the Web address on all your future business cards and E-mails, prospective customers can visit your page and sign up without any involvement from your side. You will receive an SMS notification for every new registration, and after registration you will earn ongoing commissions on the deposits of these customers.

If you would like to add your unique text to what is currently on your personal page, you can add the text via SMS. For example, you may want to provide your phone number or other contact information. If you ever want to change the text, simply send an SMS message with the word WEBTEXT, followed by the new text, to 083 230 1111. Here's an example:

WEBTEXT If you have any questions, please call Joe directly on 0831234567. My office number is 012-3456789

The above message will then appear on your Web page, in a personalised text box.

Please note: each new Customer registration incurs a cost of R1.00 to you, the Wholesaler. If there are insufficient funds to allow the registration of the new Customer, he will automatically be registered under a pre-selected Charity of our choice. A default registration can not be reversed.


This command allows you to change the number of times you can use the RING   BRING numbers to get Airtime without incurring the cost of an SMS. The default setting is 10. After receiving 10 vouchers you will be required to order a voucher with a password before you can order this way again. If you select 0 you will never be required to send a password for any vouchers. Change the default setting at your own risk. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. To change the setting for example to 20, the correct command is:

LIMIT 20 password


The level command will tell you how many Customers you have introduced, but will not indicate whether they are currently active or not. To see how many you have introduced send:



This command will tell you how much money you have made in total from selling Airtime. To check your earnings send:



Although your Airtime balance is shown after each Airtime voucher delivered to you, you may want to check your balance periodically. The BANK command allows you to see your remaining Airtime balance at any time. In the same SMS you will also see our banking details in case you want to make a deposit. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer on 083 230 1111. The command is:



This option allows you to instruct our computer to deliver a voucher to another person's cellphone. It means that you do not need to phone the other person with the PIN number, saving you costs. Remember to get the cash from the person you send the voucher to! The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. The DELIVER option can be shortened to d or D. To order, for example, a Vodacom R29.00 Airtime recharge voucher to be delivered to 0821234567, send the following SMS:

V29 DELIVER 0821234567

or shortened:

V29 D 0821234567

Multiple vouchers

Up to 5 vouchers of a single type can be ordered in a single SMS. The SMS must be sent to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. To order 5 Vodacom R29.00 vouchers to be received in a single SMS, send the following SMS:


Please call me

It may happen that your handset runs out of Airtime completely and you can not send an SMS, nor can you get a voucher through the RING & BRING numbers, because you need some Airtime to be able to dial a number.

If that happens to you, then simply send a PLEASE CALL ME message to the EZ Airtime Computer at 083 230 1111. Provided you still have Airtime credit in your EZ Airtime account, simply enter the following sequence in your phone and our computer will reply with the lowest value voucher for your Network.

If your phone is Vodacom press:

*140*0832301111# <yes/call>

If your phone is MTN press:

*121*0832301111# <yes/call>

If your phone is CELL C press:

*111*0832301111# <yes/call>

If you are unfamiliar with the "Please call me" function on your phone, you should save the appropriate sequence above into your phone book now.

Other voucher values

All the standard Network denominations are available by simply sending an SMS to 083 230 1111. The SMS must contain only the appropriate code followed by your password. Note the smallest vouchers listed below should rather be ordered using the Toll Free RING & BRING numbers, saving you costs.

R49.00 SMS Bundle
(150 x SMS)

CELL C Value
R39.00 SMS Bundle
(100 x SMS)

MTN Value