EZ Airtime  


What is EZ Airtime?

EZ Airtime is a convenient way to purchase and load discounted Airtime 24/7. We deliver recharge PIN numbers for Vodacom, MTN, CELL C and Telkom. We provide an instant business opportunity to those looking for an easy way to build a business without investing in overheads and infrastructure. There are no upfront registration fees and you can make profit from the very first day. Other than your cellphone, no other equipment is needed to start.

Once registered on our system, you can make cash deposits into our bank account and we immediately allocate you with the Airtime you paid for plus additional Airtime, which you can use or sell at a profit.

Is there a business opportunity with EZ Airtime?

In addition, Active Wholesalers earn Bonus Airtime in the form of ONGOING revenues calculated at a minimum of 5% of what your Customers earn as profits from each deposit they make. You can register an unlimited number of Customers.

If you would like to earn ONGOING revenues through the efforts of other Customers, then you should become a registered Wholesaler for no additional cost. This is achieved simply by registering at least one other Active Customer with EZ Airtime. Remember, even family members count!

As a Wholesaler, the FREE AIRTIME allocated to you increases to 5%. This is the maximum discount attainable and is the highest in the Virtual market.

In addition, Active Wholesalers earn Bonus Airtime in the form of ONGOING revenues calculated at a minimum of 5% of what your Customers earn as profits from each deposit they make. You can register an unlimited number of Customers. Family members and friends also count! The ONGOING revenues earned by Wholesalers make the EZ Airtime business opportunity very attractive. For more information call our help desk during office hours on 0861 77 88 00.

When is a Customer or Wholesaler Active?

A Customer or Wholesaler is Active if he has made a deposit greater than R30 in the last 30 days.

How do I register another Customer?

Simply send an SMS to 083 230 1111 with his name and cell number in the following format:

REGISTER NewCustomerCell HisFirstname HisSurname

Confirmations will immediately be received by both parties.

Do I need special equipment to get Airtime this way?

Not with EZ Airtime. Most Airtime Vendors purchase electronic equipment costing more than R4000.00 in order to facilitate the supply of Virtual Airtime. We enable you to use the equipment you already have... your ordinary cell phone! This means that anyone can now become a Vendor and profit from Prepaid Cellular.

Is there a minimum monthly expenditure?

There is no minimum monthly expenditure...you can purchase as little or as much Airtime as you want to, as often as you want. But the more you buy and sell, the more profits you make each day!

How can I tell my remaining Airtime balance?

Each voucher delivered includes your remaining Airtime balance. If you are unsure of your Airtime balance at any time, you can confirm it by sending a BANK command:


Can I sell Prepaid Airtime for MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom?

Yes, we supply Airtime for all the major Networks and Telkom Prepaid.

Are commands case sensitive?

Only your password is case sensitive. All other commands can be upper or lower case. (Capitals and small letters)

How do I change my password?

You will need to call our Call Centre and will be required to furnish a letter by fax.

Who pays for my SMS costs to get Airtime from the EZ Airtime computer?

It is seldom necessary to use an SMS to get a voucher from EZ Airtime. We provide you with 4 secret phone numbers that you can call, one for each Network, including Telkom. It is a FREE number and, depending on which of the numbers you dial, you will automatically receive an Airtime recharge Voucher.

What happens if my phone gets stolen?

Any Airtime that is remaining with EZ Airtime will always remain available to you since Airtime is Password protected. Remember to immediately use the LOCK command if your phone gets stolen since this will terminate all activity on your account until you UNLOCK your phone. Use your linked SIM card to LOCK and UNLOCK activity on your account. Or call our Call Centre immediately on 0861 77 88 00. See Advanced for more details.

How do I recharge my cell phone when my Airtime is depleted?

You can order an instant recharge by sending a Please call me (free call) to our general-purpose number (083 230 1111). Your handset will immediately receive a minimum value voucher for your phone, provided you have Airtime credit remaining.

What do I do if I make a payment and I get no notification of the payment?

If you did not put your cell number as the reference number (in the proper space provided on the FNB deposit slip), or if the bank teller captured the number incorrectly, you may not receive the credit. Simply call our helpline on 0861 77 88 00. You may be required to fax proof of payment to us, so keep your deposit slip. Commission on your deposit will not be paid if the reference number (your cell number) is not written on the deposit slip in the space provided.

How can I see my account details and Airtime expenditure?

Your account is viewable online at www.ezairtime.co.za. Your user name is your Cell number and your password is the password used for your Airtime transactions. The online account shows your SMS log, all deposits made, commissions paid and earnings from Customers you have introduced. It also lists the names and cell numbers of your Customers, plus all their deposits that you earn commissions on. You can go to your account right now if you have already set your password.

What costs money?

Outgoing SMS costs are recoverable where incorrect or incomplete commands are used. A sponsoring Customer is charged R1.00 Administration fee to register another Customer. Non Airtime requests from our server (balance enquiry, reset password, link, lock or user unrecognizable commands) incur an SMS cost of 86 cents. Qualifying Wholesalers are able to go into an overdrawn state but Airtime deliveries while overdrawn will also incur SMS charges. Also refer to the next question.

How do I get my own Website?

Your own Web page is made available automatically at no cost when you register. If you would like to personalise the page by adding text, this can be done via SMS. Simply send the word WEBTEXT followed by the text you require to be displayed. The page will be built and updated with any new text, within the hour. Friends and prospective Customers can be referred directly to your page and can join immediately, ensuring that you earn commissions each time they make deposits for Airtime.

What if I earn more commission Airtime than I can use?

Successful Wholesalers could accumulate unused Airtime. Call our Helpline (0861 77 88 00) to discuss Airtime buy back options.