EZ Airtime  


To earn the highest possible commission on your own deposits, as well as ongoing revenues, you can become a "Wholesaler".

To become a Wholesaler, simply register just ONE other Active Customer in EZ Airtime (from your cell phone) and ensure that you remain active, and the maximum commission on your own Airtime purchases will immediately be increased to 5%.

In addition you will earn 1% of all the Airtime deposits made by Customers you have registered, for life (provided you remain a Wholesaler). Commission earned this way is paid to you each morning in Airtime, transferred directly into your EZ Airtime account and available to you right away. Use it or sell it!

To register another Customer, and earn income from his expenditure, simply send the following SMS (from your own phone) to 083 230 1111:

REGISTER NewCustomerCell NewCustomerFirstname NewCustomerSurname

You and the new customer will each receive an SMS confirming his registration.

Any registered Customer can become a Wholesaler by simply registering at least one other. All commissions you earn from the efforts of your registered customers are credited to your Airtime account every morning and can be used or sold immediately. Notification of any payment is by SMS and commission paid is subject to a small handling fee.

To continue earning commissions from your Customers, you must remain Active as well, which means that you must have made a deposit within the last 30 days.

The table below provides the schedule of commissions you will earn on your own deposits.

R150 To R299.99R3.75 plus 0.54%2%
R300 TO R1999.99R3.75 plus 0.54%3%
R2000 +R3.75 plus 0.54%4%
R2000 + and you are a WholesalerR3.75 plus 0.54%5%

Note that there are no deposit fees on EFT's and internet payments.