EZ Airtime  


Make a CASH deposit or an electronic funds transfer (EFT) into the EZ Airtime Bank Account at First National Bank (FNB).

NOTE: Never deposit any cheques into the account. Cheque payments are not accepted.

Account Name:  EZ Airtime
Account No.:  62085553537
Branch Code:  201410

IMPORTANT! If you enter ALL 10 digits of your cellphone number as the reference number on the FNB deposit slip, in the blocks provided, then you will not need to fax us any proof of your payment!

Before you even leave the bank, EZ Airtime will credit your Airtime account with your deposit amount PLUS up to 5% commission Airtime, depending on the value of your deposit. Commission is credited according to the EZ Airtime commission table and is paid immediately upon deposit.

You will receive an SMS after making any cash deposit, confirming your new Airtime balance, including the commission paid to you in Airtime. In the unlikely event that you do not immediately receive an SMS confirmation, you may need to fax proof of payment to 088 021 9302334.

Note: An EFT payment from a bank other than FNB will take two days before acknowledgement.